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Home Inspection

Our responsive and friendly inspectors hold professional licenses. Our reports are thorough and easy to read with quality pictures and captions. Our thorough inspection and assessment of the current and potential mold situation gives you peace of mind, knowing you're new home is safe.

Commercial Inspections

We perform Commercial Property Inspections to the highest standards. A commercial building inspection, put simply, is an evaluation of a building or property used for commercial purposes, intended to drive profit from operations or rental income. This includes cafes, retail shops, warehouses, factories, office buildings, residential units (like multi-family or single-family dwellings), restaurants and so on.

Radon Testing

Radon is an invisible and odorless radioactive gas that is released from the ground from radium (which in turn comes from uranium). It can occur anywhere, but higher levels are typically found in areas that have a higher concentration of uranium that naturally occurs in the soil. Radon build-up can occur in any home, regardless of age or how well it is maintained. Handling radon properly enhances the real estate transaction and most importantly, keeps you and your family safe.

Mold Assessments

Our inspectors hold professional licenses for mold assessment and testing. Our reports are thorough, easy to read with quality pictures and captions. We offer a one-stop shop for all your inspection needs.

Termite Inspection

Our termite inspectors are trained to spot signs of a termite infestation that a homeowner may have missed. In addition to looking for any current signs of termites, termite inspectors look for signs of past infestation and damage, as well as weak spots where termite activity is likely to occur in the future. We are licensed to issue a termite certificate.

Well Water Testing

We provide water testing where needed and also where required. We can perform well water testing. We are also on the approved list of vendors for the town of East Fishkill, town of Fishkill, Wappingers and Wappingers Falls. We test for coliform bacteria, E. coli and mineral and metal levels

Sewer Scope

Our trained inspectors are equiped with the latest technology to help them do the best job possible. We offer sewer line scope inspections to look for any potential defects including, pipe blockages, breaks, shifts, belly’s and vegetation growth.

Roof Inspection

We use the latest technologies available to be sure we inspect your home TOP to bottom For our roof inspection, we use pole cameras, ladders and walk the roof where safe and applicaple.

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What Our Customers Say

There’s one measure above all else we use to gauge how well we’re doing our jobs
—Total Customer Happiness.

Vinny and Josh inspected a house my wife and I plan to purchase.. They did a very thorough inspection and answered all of our questions. They provided valuable information that allowed us to get a true picture of the condition of the house. They used cameras to allow close up views up areas that were hard to see. Stone Home Inspections gave us a high level of confidence to go forward with our purchase. I would highly recommend Josh and his team for the highest quality work that you can trust. Peter and Debbie Miller
Peter And Debbie Miller
Josh and his team at stone home inspections are the most dedicated inspectors around! He is extremely thorough and covers areas of your house other inspectors may look right past. He uses the best equipment to see on top of the roof and deliver you a report quickly without missing anything. If you are purchasing/selling, or just want to make sure you are safe in your home, you can’t afford to not use stone home inspections.
Anthony Conti
This is our second time using Stone Home Inspections and we couldn't be happier with how professional and detailed they are! Vinny has inspected 2 properties for us and he always provides an extremely detailed and in depth report in a fast turn around time! He is extremely diligent and explains important aspects of the inspection to us right after so that we understand the key takeaways in order to proceed with our home purchase! Highly recommend this company and Vinny as your inspector!
Nicole Bello
Extremely knowledgeable and professional! We would recommend Stone Home Inspections to anyone. Josh was quick to respond and schedule an inspection date, and even quicker to provide the final report. We (the buyers) and the seller were very impressed with his knowledge and how he explained everything as he conducted the inspection. A top-notch home inspector!
Melissa Gray
Great professional folks. Very helpful, detailed and thorough in their inspection. They go through each and every corner of the house making sure nothing that needs attention goes unnoticed.If you are looking for a reliable home inspection team look no further. Give these guys a try. You won’t be disappointed​
Tony Pec
I'm very happy with the inspection service provided by Stone Home Inspections. Josh & his colleague were friendly, very thorough, very professional, willing & open to answer any & all questions we had along the way. He made us feel very comfortable & confident in his findings & explanations. We received the completed electronic report super fast, the same day. It was very detailed yet laid out in an understandable, logical manner. He's full of tips & happy to share his knowledge as well as any recommendations of vendors regarding service or repairs that may be needed. I would definitely recommend Stone Home Inspections to anyone needing a reliable, trustworthy home inspector for their first home purchase.

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